Concrete Interiors

The popularity of concrete lies in its ability to be used for a wide range of shapes along with its strength and durability. Concrete furniture thereby has a clear advantage over other types, especially when used in public spaces like cafes and restaurants. Here are some trends in concrete used in coffee shops and restaurants to take inspiration from:


  1. Concrete interiors:

    Concrete interiors
    (Et Cetera Cafe in Seoul by Jeonghwa Seo)


The concrete interior is trending thanks to industrial style design. Industrial style is known for use of exposed materials, and concrete plays an important role in it. It is a vital element in the style that withstands excessive use while being inexpensive. Simple styles range from having concrete flooring to spaces that have concrete flooring, ceiling, furniture and walls. A simple addition of wood or any colour like black, white or yellow with concrete can be enough to turn it into an eye-catching style. You can also take a look at our very own product here “Concrete furniture Product



  1. Concrete planters:

    Concrete Planters

    (Shokoladnitsa Cafe in Kiev by Denis Rakaev Design)


Concrete has been the material of choice for planters for a while now, as it allows for interesting designs and happy plants. However, the use of concrete had been limited to large planters for the most part. A number of small planter designs in concrete have now emerged, showcasing how versatile concrete truly is. This cafe in Kiev uses sleek concrete planters held in gold finish shelving to separate the dining spaces with a touch of elegance. The style mixes luxury with minimalist to create a high-end space.


  1. Metallic style furniture:

    Metallic style furniture
    (Et Cetera Cafe in Seoul by Jeonghwa Seo)


The use of concrete to create a metallic look is bold and new, as seen in this cafe. The polished concrete is given softened edges, and used along with wood for a raw and beautiful look. A furniture piece in this style offers much more stability than a metallic one, and will beautifully merge with the surroundings. Be it an industrial style design or a rustic one, this table and bench duo will look impressive anywhere.


  1. The fabric looks in concrete:

    The fabric looks in concrete

    (Tease Me Cafe in Kerala by Vinu Daniel)



This ingenious design uses a fabric concrete mix called ‘clothcrete’ to imbue the quality of fabric in concrete. The cafe uses these to create partitions to seating to the sink area, delivering an artistic value to the restaurant. The folds are also highlighted using the lighting to add a more dramatic effect to the design.

The current trends in concrete are examples of the fact that it can be made to suit various styles, from casual to high end. The use of concrete in these innovative methods not only adds to the look but also adds to the value of your restaurant. Our services aim to provide you with the finest in concrete furniture, from the best concrete table top to the best concrete benches.

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