Installing handmade furniture is one of the most effective ways to beautify a home. Not only does custom made furniture improves the esthetic appearance of a home, it also adds value to it. Almost every homeowner wants quality home furniture design that’ll offer value for the money spent on them. Nowadays, concrete furniture is the most commonly installed type of custom made furniture due to its versatility, and several other amazing features.

Concrete furniture is known for its amazing durability and strength. Quality custom made furniture are also specially known to be heat and weather-resistant. If you need to furnish your indoor and outdoor space, calling upon a custom made concrete furniture could be the perfect option. Custom made concrete can be used to craft home furniture such as chair, table, countertop, sink, garden bench and lots more.

For those interested in DIY concrete furniture design ideas. Here are few amazing furniture ideas to inspire you.

Best 5 Concrete Furniture

Concrete Chair

concrete chair

Designed by Concrete Project

A modern concrete chair, It was casted from concrete and top fine stones. Beautifully handcrafted to feature brass as its support. It is extremely durable, and perfect for use in the reading room, bedroom and balcony.

Concrete Table 

concrete table

(Picture from Pinterest)

This gorgeous-looking table is perfect for use as dining table or conference table. Casted from top quality material to be more durable than the usual tables. The surface of the table comes with a smooth appearance and outstanding design. It is very thick and resistant to any form of potential wear.

Concrete Sink

concrete sink

Designed by Urban Concrete Countertops

Unarguably one of the most beautiful and creatively designed sinks in existence. Designed to be perfect for homes, hotels and other commercial buildings. This custom made furniture is super strong and durable with no side effect if exposed to heat. Its surface was made from an abrasive material to have a very smooth and shining texture.

Concrete Countertop

(Developed in conjunction with Morrow + Lorraine)

Concrete is extremely versatile in design and this countertop also confirms that. Its base was designed to take the shape of multiple pyramids. This custom made furniture perfectly fits into kitchen and reception hall. It was stylishly crafted from brass, concrete and shining stone to depict real luxury and amazing architectural design.

Concrete Bench  

concrete bench bETON ART

The outdoor part of a home or commercial building can also be furnished. A perfect way to do this is installing concrete garden furniture like the one in the above picture. This concrete bench was stylishly designed not to harbor dirt. It is perfect for homes, schools, hotels, offices, etc.

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